The hydrangea creators

HOKO Breeding is the breeding company behind an extensive range of high quality hydrangeas. Exclusive plants that stand out in terms of quality, lifespan and colour. A joint effort between Horteve Breeding and Kolster b.v, with a com- bined 70 years of breeding experience.

Our promise to growers is a constantly expanding range, always taking account of consumer needs and tastes. Magical Hydrangea, Surfing Safari and new hydrangea selections: all HOKO Breeding products.

Also special: we offer marketingsupport to growers. This includes product- and lifestyle shots, promotional material and campaigns, and ready-made social media posts. An extra service, and one thing less to worry about.

Let's colour the horizon

Product range

The fundamental basis for good hydrangea varieties is a sum of several factors.

Experience is one such factor, but there is more. These include:

  • An extensive gene database full of plants with every conceivable characteristic.
  • Thorough knowledge of the material and accurate records.
  • Regular feedback from vendors, so knowledge of market needs.
  • Continuous testing of clones and conducting field trials.
  • Back-up of any future varieties to be introduced.
  • Strict selection criteria: no brake dust on seedlings, no branch support, good branching, leaf size and colour, flowering characteristics (shape, colour and fullness), shelf life and susceptibility to powdery mildew. 

This results in the assortment below.

About us

A horizon filled with colourful hydrangeas: HOKO Breeding's dream. HOKO is a collaboration between Horteve Breeding and Kolster b.v., two Dutch companies with the desire to bring the most beautiful and robust Hydrangeas to the market. And it's working, from here to Tokyo. Literally.

By working together, HOKO Breeding has over 70 years of breeding experience and success. This makes us the breeder of exclusive hydrangeas, known for quality, longevity, and colour. We promise growers a constantly growing assortment, always tailored to consumer needs and tastes. Plus, we provide them with product and ambiance images, promotional materials, and campaigns. Convenient!

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Supply chain

Within Europe, you can find overwintered cuttings and half-grown plants at:

Hortensia France SARL
182, Route de Tiercé
Matthieu Eveleens
T. +31 6 2753 8694

Kwekerij Lendert de Vos BV
Gouwedreef 1
2811 PX Reeuwijk
The Netherlands
T. +31 182 396 460

For unrooted cuttings, we collaborate with:

D.J. Hendriksen & Zn. BV
Burgemeester Smitweg 95
2391 NG Hazerswoude
The Netherlands
Siebren van Aalst
T. +31 172 587 403

If you are interested in cultivating cut hydrangeas, you can contact:

Kolster BV
Rijneveld 122a
2771XR Boskoop
The Netherlands
Wouter den Hollander
T. +31 172 217 090

Worldwide we cooperate with the following agents:


Plants Nouveau
P.O. Box 40125
Mobile, AL 36640
United States
T. +1 843-607-0546


Ball Straathof
1550 Printech Ave
Laserpark Ext 1, Honeydew 2040
Karthy Varney
T. +27 11 794 2316


Plants Management Australia
Chris Sargent
T. +61 3 6265 9050


Ball Century


Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information, or if you are interested in our genomes.

Matthieu Eveleens

Matthieu Eveleens

Horteve Breeding

Verkoop & Eigenaar
T. +31 6 2753 8694

Wouter den Hollander

Wouter den Hollander

Kolster B.V.

Verkoop & Eigenaar
T. +31 6 5207 0660